Marcela Argueta

Marcela Argueta

Lawyer and Notary (magna cum laude), graduate of Francisco Marroquín University. Master's degree (LL.M in U.S. Law) awarded by the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota). Diploma in Mediation of Conflicts and certified mediator of the International Mediation Center and Mexican Chamber. Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law of Francisco Marroquín University in the courses of Theoretical Civil Procedural Law I and II.

Degree in Legal and Social Sciences. Francisco Marroquín University.

Diploma of the International Center of Mediation and Mexican Chamber

Master Degree in American Law, University of St. Thomas.

Awarded with the Deanery Award, academic distinction granted for obtaining the second highest grading point average. Degree in Legal and Social Sciences with a Magna Cum Laude distinction. Awarded with a scholarship granted by University of St. Thomas (School of Law) for the LL.M in US Law program.

Dispute Resolution


Guatemalan Bar Association