We offers a full range of business law services for our clients.

Comte & Font – Legalsa is a team of young, experienced, driven and highly responsive business lawyers.

Our main Practice Areas:

Dispute Resolution

Legalsa has one of Guatemala´s largest and most seasoned teams of dispute resolution specialists. Our firm provides specialized dispute resolution services which include civil and commercial litigation, administrative litigation, arbitration, credit recovery, constitutional law actions (amparos) and criminal law proceedings. We have developed very successful specialized practices in prevention and resolution of shareholder disputes, intellectual property litigation, unfair competition claims and white-collar crime defense and investigations. We are particularly adept at managing complex, high-profile litigation.
The firm has successfully defended clients’ interests in shareholder disputes at two of the largest Guatemalan corporate groups, which together involved over 300 separate legal actions. We also successfully defended a client against more than 25 legal challenges to their adjudication of the largest Guatemalan government concession in decades.

Corporate Law

Legalsa acts as regular outside counsel for new and established, Guatemalan and international corporations in several business sectors, including banking, food and beverage , telecommunications, call centers, shipping, power generation and agribusiness. We provide our clients with advice and assistance on a wide range of corporate, commercial, governance, contract, tax and regulatory matters. We assists clients with negotiations, due diligence, documentation, regulatory approvals, corporate and tax advice related to mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and other significant transactions in all types of business sectors. Our recent experience includes the largest telecommunications acquisition in Guatemalan history.

Administrative and Constitutional Law

Legalsa advises, represents and assists contractors and concessionaires throughout government procurement and concession processes, including preparation of bids, technical proposals, and review and negotiation of contract terms. Our firm has represented the holders of several of the larger concessions in recent Guatemalan history.

Intellectual Property and Technology

Legalsa manages all aspects of contentious and non-contentious intellectual property matters, including strategies for protection of intellectual property rights, registration and protection of trademarks, copyrights and patents. Our team has extensive experience with International IP portfolio management, purchase, sale, licensing or franchising of intellectual property rights, IP litigation, including actions to protect non-registered intellectual property and enforcement of IP rights against infringement, including piracy and counterfeiting. We advise our clients with new technologies, helping them with contracts with on-lines businesses, websites, apps, and cybersecurity.

Banking and Finance Law

Legalsa offers a full range of legal services for local and international banks and financial institutions. We represent lenders and borrowers in all types of credit facilities, including syndicated loans, leasing contracts, secured and unsecured lending. We also advise and assist clients in dealing with regulatory agencies, collection of delinquent credits, drafting and registration of loan contracts, and on general corporate and tax matters. We have managed credit collections for some of the most important banks and financial institutions in Guatemala.

Real Estate

Legalsa assists property owners and tenants, promoters and developers, buyers and sellers of commercial and residential projects with all legal services required in purchasing, selling, using and developing real estate, including documentation, registration, negotiation and tax planning.

Foreign Investment

Legalsa provides comprehensive legal advice and services to foreign individual and corporate investors, to enable their operation in Guatemala through branches, subsidiaries or new legal vehicles, including immigration, regulatory, labor, tax, as well as any other legal matters that their line of business may require.

Estate Planning

Legalsa advises clients in the design and execution of tax planning for corporate businesses and transactions. We have also developed a specialized practice of estate planning, which assists clients with the planning, design and execution of efficient tax structures for transmission of family wealth.


We advise clients on matters of privacy and confidentiality, including drafting of privacy notices and policies, non-disclosure agreements, best practices, contracts and clauses for the treatment of private personal information, consent forms, and national and international transfer of personal data and data bases.

Startups Legalsa

Legalsa has an entrepreneurship division, Startups Legalsa, which specializes in providing legal counsel (mostly pro bono) to startups and new technology ventures. We provide emerging entrepreneurs with advice and assistance, including development and registration oif legal vehicles, intellectual property protection, instruments and practices for protection of confidential and proprietary information, and general legal and business mentoring. For more information, please see the link below.

About us

With more than 20 years of experience, we are a team of driven and highly responsive lawyers. We are fully committed to advancing and defending our clients’ interests at the negotiating table, at government institutions and regulatory agencies, and in courts and arbitration forums, both local and international.

Our firm can provide comprehensive legal services for all types of business. We have been particularly successful in dispute resolution (including complex litigation and arbitration), banking law, intellectual property (including IP litigation), administrative law related to government bids and concessions, and estate planning.

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